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Delta Purse Key Finder - For Women On-The-Go

Delta Purse Key Finder is a stylish purse accessory to decorate the outside of your bag & prevent keys from falling to the bottom. Keys are safely secured inside your purse & instantly retrievable.


Don't Do The Dig

Stop wasting time digging through your purse for your keys. With the Delta Purse Key Finder keys are instantly retrievable. The Delta Purse Key Finder eliminates the tedious task of digging through your purse or bag to find your car keys when you need them.


Fashionable & Functional

Available in both gold or silver designs to choose from to match all kinds of purses and personalities. Delta design shows on the outside with keys safely on the inside.


Find Your Keys With Ease

Attach a Delta Purse Key Finder to your keys and hang on your purse. When you’re ready for your keys, just grab and go! Our Delta Purse Key Finder key holder allows for you to quickly find your keys, fob, or personal safety device, thereby protecting you from lingering outside your car or home any longer than necessary.


Perfect Gift Idea

This wonderful, simple product is the perfect gift to protect those you love and care for most by giving them this simple, yet effective way to stay safe at times when they are alone.


Delta Purse Key Finder

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